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Table 13


They seemed like such a nice couple.

It was a typical evening at the restaurant. But when psychopaths show up for dinner, “typical” dies.

Hank Quinn moved to New York to chase his dream of becoming a writer. But he quickly finds that loneliness and lack of success aren’t the worst things that can happen to a small-town kid in the big city. One night, during the dinner rush at the high-end restaurant where he works, his life takes an unimaginable turn.

The lovely, attractive couple seated at table 13 is not what they seem. They have a dark past and some even darker plans for Hank.

Hank desperately searches for a way out while the husband-and-wife killing team pulls him deeper into their world and their unspeakable crimes. As the nightmare unfolds, he learns about the chilling fate they have planned for him and the people he loves if he doesn’t complete their sick, twisted tasks.

Can he stop them before it’s too late? Can Hank survive their twisted agenda?