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Short Stories

Mad As Hell

Victor King must die. At least, that’s how Ken sees it.

Ken has one goal, but his head screams at him to let it go. That’s easier said than done with revenge on his mind and murder as the only option he can live with… or not.

Now Ken must wrestle with what he knows to be right and what he thinks will solve all his problems.

How will he proceed when the target is right in front of his nose?

Mad As Hell is an edge-of-your-seat short story. If you like violent noir fiction, deeply flawed characters, and pitch-black storytelling, then you’ll love Mike McCrary’s page-turning tale.Read Mad As Hell to find out how this story ends!

Separate Checks

It’s just dinner…

That’s what former lovers, Jackie and Hunter, tell themselves as they take a trip down memory lane, but no amount of time can erase their mistrust of each other. As the meal progresses, their suspicions about the other’s intentions grow to alarming heights. One believes the other is there to murder them. The other can’t wait for their former lover to try.

Have they made a deal with the devil or will their rocky history prove to be a thing of the past?

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Blinded by an accident. Blindsided by danger.

Riley thought she’d endured the worst, but the violent criminals who took so much from her are back for more. Dead-set on inflicting as much pain as possible, they’ve set their sights on the only good thing left in her life and will stop at nothing to destroy it and destroy the person Riley thought she’d become. Now she must revisit the worst part of herself to remove the threat and protect the one person who has been there for her. Broken is an intense short story from Mike McCrary that’ll have you begging for more.

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