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Genuinely Dangerous

Art imitates a life of crime.

Jasper knows you don’t quit the movie business.

The movie business quits you.

He wants back in—Badly.

Needs a comeback—Badly.

And Jasper truly believes he can make a movie Hollywood will want—Badly.

Genuinely Dangerous follows the nightmarish yet hilarious journey of Jasper Tripp, a down-and-out filmmaker who embeds himself in a crew of wild and mysterious criminals so he can film a documentary that’ll land him back in the Hollywood fast lane.

From Mike McCrary, author of Remo Went Rogue, comes another unfiltered, unpredictable romp of a thriller where the insane becomes sane and life itself becomes Genuinely Dangerous.


“A firebomb hurled at Hollywood leaving a trail of death a destruction in its wake. A slapstick crime caper that veers from documentary to action flick to snuff film. Genuinely Dangerous is exactly that—and so is author Mike McCrary.”
—Eric Beetner, author of Rumrunners and The Devil Doesn’t Want Me
“An off-the-rails thrill ride.”
—Amazon Reader
“Mike McCrary takes the inside-Hollywood genre and gleefully feeds it into a wood chipper.”
—Amazon Reader
“Outrageous and entertaining… a fast read and a load of fun.”
—Amazon Reader