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Perfect Monsters

Perfect Monsters

Book #3

Now Available

Made perfect. Made to kill…

New York. Markus Murphy can’t ignore the ghosts of his past. Striving to fit in with his new girlfriend and a working-class job, he struggles to forget the grim pact he made to keep his daughters safe. But when a close friend is viciously murdered by his old enemies, he has no choice but to head overseas and hunt them down.

Hating the confused person he’s become and wracked with guilt, Murphy arrives across the globe hot on the trail of the high-profile killers. But the mind-altered man is still wrestling to control the two conflicting personalities inside his skull… and survive the brutal fight long enough to save the ones he love.

Can Murphy eliminate these relentless killers before they destroy his chance at an ordinary life?

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Praise for Mike McCrary


“McCrary’s prose practically bounces off the page.”

—Kirkus Reviews


“As far as I’m concerned, crime fiction just got kicked in the balls.”

—Author Peter Farris


“Mike McCrary is definitely a writer to watch.”

—Author John Rector

Mike McCrary